Easy Tips for Fall Transitional Dressing

“How do I #justgetdressed when it’s well into September but the weather is still hot, sticky, rainy, and basically unpredictable???”

This is a common question I get this time of year, and today I'm sharing  4 tips to help you  to get dressed and look great when the weather is changing and unpredictable:

  1. White jeans are a definite DO: Let's say it together, “YES, we can indeed wear white jeans after labor day.”   Put away linen or light cotton white pants, but your thick white denim can be worn all year round.
  2. It’s all about BALANCE:.  Just like in all forms of dressing, balance is the key. For example, when you wear white jeansbalance them with your choice of shoes and tops.  Skip the flip flops or summery sandals and instead opt for suede sandals, or  booties — especially in tan, taupe or cognac.

    Go ahead and wear a sleeveless top or summer tee if the temps are high, but opt for more fall-ish or neutral colors to balance out the white on the bottom.
white jeans for fall

3.  Combine short with long, or long with short:  
For example, If you’re wearing shorts or a shorter skirt,  go with a long sleeve top.   If you want to wear a sleeveless top, go with pants or a midi- skirt.

Summer dresses transition well into fall by adding a cardigan or jacket and booties or flats in a skin-tone shade or neutral leopard print. 

Long with Short
Fall Transition Dress
    4. The Power of Layering: When the weather is unpredictable and ever-changing, layering just makes sense.  Make sure you have a neutral cardigan, a denim and/or twill jacket, and a versatile blazer and/or moto jacket.  Any of these layers can be added to just about any outfit and not only finish it off, but also provide practical warmth and coverage.  
Fall Layering
Fall Moto Layer

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Any questions at all for me? I love hearing from you! Just click here.

xo, Beth

Fall Style System

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