Tipsy Tuesday: 8 Tips for Wearing White Jeans/Pants

Hopefully you got the memo that yes,  you can indeed wear white jeans after Labor Day - and well before Memorial Day???

 In fact, I strongly encourage you to do so;)  

I would argue they are a wardrobe staple, especially during the spring and summer months.

And guess what? SPRING officially starts this week...So let's get on it.

First of all, I recognize that white jeans can be scary (if clothes can be "scary";)  and many of us shy away from them or think we can't wear them. We've been conditioned to believe that dark pants and bottoms are the most flattering and slimming, and that white pants will make our lower halves look bigger.  

While in theory, this is true - black and dark color bottoms are in fact the most slimming and flattering -  white pants can in fact work (and be so fabulous) and it's my mission to find a pair that works for all of y'all (I've always wanted to say that;)

So here are 8 tips to help you find the perfect white jeans:

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Here's a rundown and summary of the 8 tips and some links as well:

1. Size up:  Especially with skinny jeans or fitted ankle pants,  you may want to size up.   We don't want white jeans or white pants to fit really tight to the body as they  tend to show every lump, bump and imperfection.  Instead, we're going for a streamlined, clean look, so I generally order 2 sizes to try on at home.

2.  Fabrication:  You can get away with a less expensive and lower quality fabric when it's a dark fabric.   But lighter color pants like white work best with a thicker, quality fabric-  so those dimples and lumps aren't showing through.  Look for quality denim, cotton,  ponte knits and twill...something with some heft and coverage. 

3.  Fit:  Like with everything in your wardrobe, you want to pick the silhouette that fits and flatters your body the best.  If you already have a brand that you know works for you, that is a good place to start.   Skinny jeans are still the most popular style out there - but they aren't the ONLY option - far from it.  If you have a pear shape body and tapered legs  aren't your best bet, you can look for straight leg, boyfriend/girlfriend and flare, wide-leg options that are so great looking.

If you go with a slim fit or skinny jeans, look to wear tops that provide some coverage in the bum and hip area.  I love tops that hit in the "Magic HipBone Zone" - at or below your hip bones. 

4.  Pockets:  Sometimes front pockets can show through with white jeans, adding visual bulk around the hip area.  Look for a pair with fake pockets, or no pockets - or have your tailor cut the pockets out if they bother you! 

5.  Ladies - No VPL:  This one needs no elaborate explanation.  Check out  your rear view before leaving the house if there is any question.  Make sure you have nude/flesh tone underwear in either a thong or invisible edge panty.  These are my favorites... I get the simply  soft in the thong and the bikini.   'Nuff said;)

6. Monochromatic White:  Want a sure fire way to look fresh, modern and chic? Try an all-white look.  Here are some fantastic examples from the March Style System Challenge.  Click here to be notified when the Spring Style System launches! 

7.  The Power of the Third Piece:  These examples above illustrate how adding a strategically placed layer really does make the outfit!

8. Neutral Shoes:  A neutral shoe is your best bet with white jeans or pants.  Shoes are so important when trying to make our legs look longer and slimmer.  Simplicity is key...and colors like nude, tan, cognac, gray, blush, metallic (rose, yellow gold, silver) are all good bets! 

I hope this helped any white jean trauma you may be having!  Need more personalized help? Ask in my free #justgetdressed Facebook Page, and/or sign up to be notified when the Spring  Style System Challenge launches in April.   My goal will be to make sure everyone who wants white jeans/pants has a pair that works for them! 



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Whitney Heavey - March 24, 2019 Reply

Great post Beth! Love Newport and that orange jacket and white jeans!! I think i have about 6 pairs…in every size, cut and length (including one Paige pair with fringe bottom). Keep up the great job!

    bethwp - March 25, 2019 Reply

    Thanks Whitney! So funny that you commented…I was actually thinking about you this weekend when we were in an art gallery in Barrister’s Wharf. So fun looking at beautiful art by “real” people. I am a huge fan of yours and I’d love to own one of your pieces someday! xo

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