Tipsy Tuesday: Universally Flattering Colors and Wearing Green!

Chances are you've been exposed at some point to the book Color Me Beautiful.  It was (and  still is) the bible for color theory and finding "your colors".  I'm a Spring (I think;).  What are you?  You can take a quick test on their website to refresh your  memory.

These quizzes are fun, but I actually come from the school of "if you love it and feel great in it" - then it's your color.  I also think we all have those colors that garner us the most compliments - and those are "our colors" too.  

Very scientific, right?

Either way, there are a few colors that the experts out there say are universally flattering:

1. Blush:  Probably my favorite accent colors these days because it can serve as a neutral as well. 

2. Plum:  Another universally flattering color.  I think of plum as more of a fall and winter color, but personally love its lighter sister color, lavender this time of year.

3. Teal:   As far as "Universally Flattering" colors go, I'd put teal at the top of the list.  This is a shade that is so flattering and versatile. 

This week's Tipsy Tuesday video tip of the week is about how to incorporate GREEN into your look, in honor of St. Patrick's Day.  Even if you think green "isn't your color", here are some easy tips for incorporating the festive color using items from your closet:


Amethyst t-shirt (also in blush):

Black Open Cardigan/Wrap:

Camo Pants (similar):

Necklaces: Amour Charm Pendant and Celestial Choker

"Mojito" Tank:

"Mojito" T-shirt:

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