What #justgetdressed really means

I talk to women like you every day who have a love/hate relationship with clothes and "style"...and shopping.

There is so much information out there and so many options (most geared toward younger women). Learning to dress with style can be confusing and overwhelming....and it's easy to just give up.

I promise It doesn't have to be complicated or irritating to #justgetdressed each day.   But like learning anything, it helps to have a teacher or coach helping you along the way. That's what I'm here for. 

I'm not a fashionista though. I'm just a regular woman like you who has worked with hundreds of women in every shape and size figure out how to #justgetdressed (and actually enjoy the process).

And what the heck do I mean when I say #justgetdressed? 

First, let me tell you what #justgetdressed does NOT mean:

  • Getting dressed UP.
  • Spending hours of time, loads of money, and too much energy, on your appearance.
  • Crafting elaborate, complicated  "outfits" every day.
  • Uncomfortable shoes or stiff, high-maintenance clothes.
What #justgetdressed DOES mean is using clothes to your advantage.   What you put on your body each morning has a huge impact on your day. You can (and should) start the day with confidence and love the way you look. 

 It may sound cliche, but without a doubt, when we like the way we look, we’re happier.

We have more fun. We're more open to new experiences and new people. We're more confident. We're better wives, mothers, and friends.  Believe it or not, I also think we eat more healthfully and take better care of our bodies.

I developed the B.Styled Seasonal Style Systems to take the guesswork out and simplify the process....

...and to make personal styling affordable and accessible to EVERYONE. 

You can learn more about the current Seasonal Style System by clicking HERE. And of course, if you'd like more one-on-one help, feel free to learn more HERE and reach out to me.  

Also, you can grab my freebies here:

5-Day Style Bootcamp

5 Steps to Elevate Your Look...at any age.

What's your biggest struggle when it comes time to #justgetdressed. Let me know below; I'd love to hear from you!

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Melanie - September 30, 2019 Reply

I find that I can easily wear my yoga pants every day. Because I work from home, there’s no reason to wear something else. It is easy to get lazy tho and I need to be more active in this area. Thanks for the encouragement!

bethwp - October 30, 2019 Reply

Hi Melanie…I totally hear you! I find that it takes serious motivation too! I try to give myself 1-2 days per week to stay in my “athleisure” and I try to make it a real outfit vs. yoga pants and a hoodie. Makes me feel better. I’m a HUGE fan of Peach athleisure…clothing for gym, work, play. Great quality and great styling. You can check it out here: http://www.discoverpeach.com/s/bethr. Thx for reading!

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