What Color Shoes to Wear?

I've said it before, I'll say it again...Shoes make (or break) the style.  An outfit can go from meh to marv with a great shoe.  But on the flip side, it can go from fab to frump with the wrong shoe. 

Every foot is different and many of us have "foot issues." But the good news is that comfort shoes are more readily available now in flattering styles, so we don't have to give up style to keep our feet from screaming. 

I am often asked what COLOR shoe to wear with various outfits, and like everything else, I like to simplify things. That way we don't go out and buy a zillion shoes in every color known to man (you know who I'm talking to;) 

Here's a simple rule of thumb to use when deciding what color shoe to wear to make sure your outfit sings:

Pick a shoes that matches/coordinates with your

  • SKIN -- your #1 most important and versatile shoes for obvious reasons (i.e. versatility, leg lengthening and flattering-factor)
  • TOP - i.e. your shirt, jacket or third piece
  • HEM  - i.e. the color of your pants or skirt -  or the predominant color at the bottom of your outfit.
  • ACCESSORIES - matte metallic shoes work wonders here as they are an elevated neutral and you can tie in your jewelry, handbag, etc. 
  • MAKE A STATEMENT - here's where you can add a contrasting color, a pattern or an animal print and have some fun! 

Here's a handy-dandy graphic to help you visualize: 

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What's your favorite choice? Do you have a go-to shoe you love that is comfortable AND good looking? Please share...we're always on the hunt for those Unicorn Shoes! 

Now, go #justgetdressed 😘

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