getting dressed this holiday season is about to become



Eliminate the "what-to-wear?" stress and have more fun this holiday season.


  • You're tired of holiday seasons spent wearing the same old combos, or even worse, dreading parties because "you have nothing to wear".
  • ​​​​You want a wardrobe that is current and chic, but you don't feel the need to jump on every trend.
  • ​​​​​You want to look pulled together and polished but don't want to spend a crazy amount of time or money to get there. 
  • You're tired of wearing the same handful of outfits over and over again.  Year in and year out.

  • Hi. I'm Beth, your Personal Style Coach

    My Seasonal Style Systems provide you with the tools and step-by-step blueprint that I use with my one-on-one clients so that you too can create a fabulous and functional wardrobe you love. 

    I'm no fashionista, and I've experienced my share of fashion ruts.  But after working with hundreds of women over the years, I've seen it all,  and I've learned the secret to simplifying the daily process of getting dressed so you can leverage your wardrobe and improve your life. 

    "Because what we wear may seem insignificant, but how we show up when we love what we're wearing is powerful."


    Closet Cleanse Program

    There is nothing more defeating than opening up your closet doors and feeling a giant wave of overwhelm. Life is overwhelming enough, why does your closet have to add to your stress too?

    Follow my step-by-step plan, broken into 15 minute tasks and get your closet purged, organized and free of visual clutter.

    Developed with the help of a professional organizer, you can use this guide to tackle any closet in your house!

    Holiday/Winter 2019-20 Capsule Wardrobe

    Using an easy to follow visual, printable format, I show you how to create a capsule wardrobe using my curated collection of 36 on-trend mix and match pieces. No more “what should I buy?” stress.

    As always,  shop your closet first for the 36 items, and chances are you'll find many of them are already there. I share simple tips on how to make your capsule work for your own taste, lifestyle, budget, body type, and color preferences.

    Clickable Shopping Catalog

    If you are missing items from the 36 piece capsule, or need to update pieces you already have, you can shop directly from the (frequently updated) clickable catalog. I include options for different tastes, body-types and budgets I also add to the catalog frequently based on member needs.  I include a wide range of retailers too from Nordstrom to Target,  JCrew to Amazon.

    Prefer in-store shopping, simply print out the capsule list and head to your favorite retailers with a list and a plan - and no more willy nilly shopping!

    28 Daily Outfit Formulas

    This is what really sets the B.Styled System apart and takes it from a capsule wardrobe to a true productivity and life enhancer!  

    Each day (starting on December 10th) you'll receive an email with a suggested outfit for the following day (drawn from the capsule). You'll see the 4-6 pieces from the outfit along with a picture(s) showing them styled on a real person - head to toe.  Options for dressing up & down, mixing and matching too!

    No more wondering what to wear each day and no more stressing about "What to Wear?" to that holiday party or get-together. You're all set. 

    Hard Copy Outift Formula Book

    Another game changer! Each daily outfit formula will be presented in a visually-appealing one-look-per page format. You can print out the Outfit PDF, or order a preprinted book to keep in your closet for easy reference.   

    Each outfit formula will be categorized in one of six themes: i.e. Business, Casual-Chic, Night Out, etc. making it easy to pick your look based on your day!

    #justgetdressed just got so very easy.

    Personal On-Line Styling

    Personal attention is a hallmark of my business, and my favorite part!  The private, member-only Facebook group is where I personally answer questions and post specific suggestions and advice.

    Not on Facebook?  Not a problem!  Feel free to email your questions to me directly.  

    Let's make getting dressed the easiest thing you do this winter.

    For less than the cost of that most recent impulse purchase that's collecting dust in your closet, you can have a simplified but fabulous holiday/winter wardrobe that will make you look and feel pulled-together and beautiful. No more struggling with what to wear to that holiday get-together. I've got covered! 


     have tried several different capsule wardrobes and liked Beth's Style System  the best. First, it was much more flexible. With others, if I didn't care for the color or style of an item, I felt at a loss as to what to do. She does a great job of letting people to choose their own pieces while still making it easy to style the challenge outfits. I have also found other capsules either too casual or too professional for my business casual office environment. Beth captured the perfect mix for me.

    Absolutely love the on-line catalog that makes comparing and shopping so easy. Also loved how engaged she is  with the Facebook page!
    I would definitely do another challenge...would do this every season!

    Sylvia STexas


    I found the Style System to be very helpful and rewarding. Beth’s encouragement and feedback was honest and open. 

    Her easy-going manner was refreshing. She made it fun and guided all participants each day as needed. We shared pics of our daily outfits and it was a very supportive environment to be a part of.

    Our group was comprised of different ages, sizes and shapes, and Beth worked with everyone.

    Beth responds to questions promptly and often times follows up with photos to go along with her advice. I’m looking forward to the next challenge!


    Susan B - Massachusetts

    Beth's Style System has been a real game-changer for me, helping me change how I look and feel and present myself. 

     It has also  saved me a fortune in impulse, purchases.  I used to just buy, buy, buy thinking the new clothes would make me look more "in style" - but it just resulted in a mish-mash of stuff, and I would revert to same old boring looks.

     No more!

    Since using the Style System, I have gained so much confidence in my style, and it has made my life so much easier - and better.  I rarely  leave the house these days without feeling put together and fabulous. 

    Martie B - Virginia

    "I have questions! 

    Where can I get help?"

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