Work With Me

1.  Seasonal Style System Challenges

I developed the B.Styled System as a way to make my personal styling services accessible and affordable no matter where you live or what your budget.  Each season I develop a 36-piece capsule wardrobe, starting with the ESSENTIALS and then adding in seasonal TRENDS AND ACCESSORIES.   

You shop your closet first for the items, and then (and only then!) shop using the included list and clickable catalog with suggestions that address different budgets, shapes and styles.  

From there, I develop 21+ Outfit Formulas, using the items in the capsule, so you can mix and match the pieces to create endless unique outfits and looks that work for you and are easy to put together.  You receive a daily email (the night before) with the day's Outfit Formula that you can use and adapt to fit your day, your wardrobe, your life.  

You can print out the outfits, or order a book to keep in your closet. Each formula is categorized, i.e. "Business", "Casual-Chic", "Night-Out" etc.  

So when it's time to #justgetdressed, just flip to that page and find your options.  No more guess-work. No more overwhelm. No more canceling plans because you don't know what to wear! 

It’s truly a SYSTEM, because the items transition into future seasons' looks as well,  helping you to get the most from you clothing budget, while still looking fresh and pulled together.

CLICK HERE for info on the current season program.

"Beth's Style Challenge picks have become my go-to favorites !"

Prior to doing the B.Styled Seasonal Challenges, my wardrobe was utter chaos. I was able to rid myself and my poor closets of 11 large trash bags of clothing and nearly that many bags of shoes. Most of what I am wearing for the Style System Challenges  are things that I discovered when I did my Closet Cleanse (a program she includes in her Style Systems) . Some items are new items that I would not have thought of buying prior. Those new items~~they have become some of my new “go-to” favorites.
- M.E. Pittsburg, PA

2.  Personal Style Coaching

Think of me as your personal trainer for your wardrobe.  I’m here to motivate and inspire you to look sensational on your own - in clothes that make sense.  

Who's a good fit for a virtual (or in-person) B.Styling Session?

  • You want to get your closet under control.  Your closet is overwhelming but the style is underwelming.
  • You're starting a new business or career.  You need your wardrobe to reflect the business and clients you hope to attract.
  • You feel stressed out and panicked when you go to #justgetdressed.  You need to simplify the process so it is easy to get dressed in fabulous and flattering clothes so you can get on with your life.
  •  You have a special event coming up.  You just need some personalized little help and direction for a wedding, reunion, special vacation or other event. 
  • You're in a new life-phase.  You want to look and put together hanging out at home, meeting up with friends, or interviewing for a great new job.

Is this you? Can you relate?

Now is the time to make a change.  And I promise it won't hurt:)

First, we'll talk about your lifestyle.

  • Are you transitioning from Mom to a new career?  
  • Have you gotten a promotion and want your look to be aligned with your new role?
  • Have you lost or gained weight and need some fresh new pieces?
  • Are you always in a rush, and getting dressed is a time suck and hassle?
  • Where do you spend most of your time?  Do you work from home, an office, or are you a teacher or mom running after kids?  
  • Do you have to get “dressed up” at times and find that to be paralyzing and stressful?

Next, we will work on analyzing and re-organizing your closet in a practical, easy way. 

  • I will help you purge what no longer serves you and breathe new life into items you may be overlooking.   
  • We will identify missing items and I will make you a shopping list complete with links and pictures that fit your budget, your shape and your taste.
  • Many clients prefer to do my self-paced Closet Cleanse Program on their own first...a perfect first step!  Get it HERE for FREE.  

    The Closet Cleanse Self-Paced Program walks you though the STEP-BY-STEP process of getting your closet cleansed, purged and organized. Each of the steps is broken down into 15 minute, manageable missions that you can do at you own pace.  Complete the program over several days, or choose to do it all at once or over a weekend...It's your choice! 

Finally, we will create head-to-toe looks from what you own, and I'll show you how to style them and mix and match them for the most versatility, flexibility and ease. 

Plus, we'll take pictures that can be uploaded into your own Virtual Closet so you have easy reference when it's time to #justgetdressed.

Click HERE to see an example of my Virtual Closet and styling tool. You decide how much time and focus you want to spend on each area.    

Personal Style Coaching Rates:

$75/hour - Virtually 

$100/hour  - In Person

​​​​3. FREE B.Styled #justgetdressed Challenge Facebook Group

This free private Facebook group is a fun and helpful way to get advice and tips, share  sale and shopping tips, and do fun, free challenges all geared toward helping you #justgetdressed.  Click here to join!

Want to B.Styled but not sure where to start?