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Seasonal Style Systems

My signature Season Style System Program helps you demystify and simplify the age old "what to wear?" question.  I provide you with a shopping list and clickable catalog for a seasonal capsule wardrobe.  

First you shop your closet where you will hopefully find many, or even all of the pieces.  

From there,  you receive a daily email for 21+ days with a daily Outfit Formula created from the capsule wardrobe.

You can copy the formula, or adjust it to meet the needs of your day, but the formula gives you a starting point and direction and makes it easy and stress-free to #justgetdressed.  

A private Facebook group provides unmatched personal support, guidance and lots of fun.  I swear it's the best group of like-minded women on the internet! 

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B.Styled Small Group & 1:1 Concierge Closet Cleanse Program

 My Self-Guided Closet Cleanse  has been a signature offering for years. Some people however, want more hand-holding,  accountability and feedback which is what you'll get in this brand new offering.  

Each Concierge Closet Cleanse program lasts for approximately one month and is limited to 7 members.  The program includes a private facebook group that includes only the 7 members, so we can interact, share, and learn, in a small, supportive group of like-minded women. 

Also included is your very own Virtual Closet -  where you can easily photograph your clothing so I can see them too and create outfits and looks for you. 

The program is divided into 4 Stages (that span approx. one month).  

1.  The EDIT.  This is the most important, and most difficult step.  It's where the tough decisions are made; what stays and what goes.  It helps to have an impartial set of eyes helping with this step, as well as someone who will give you the gentle push you may need to make decisions.  That would me moi 😉 

2.  The Organization.  This step is actually pretty easy once The Edit has been done, and done well.  And it's so very rewarding! 

3.  Fill in The Gaps.    We may find  you are missing certain items that you need to make your wardrobe as functional and fabulous as possible.  You will receive a personal clickable catalog of items to shop for on your own. ​​​

3.  Outfit Creation.   Now for the fun part -- your reward for all your hard work. We will create outfits and looks based on an easy mix-and-match philosophy.  You'll find you have so many more options now, even though you may  have far less clothing!  You will have pictures in your Virtual Closet to refer to whenever you struggle to #justgetdressed.  

​​​​B.Styled Gift Certificate

This $100 gift certificate gives her a full hour of my time to use as she wishes.   We can cover a lot of ground in an hour and I promise to make it fun and fulfilling for her.  Upon purchase, I will email you a gift certificate that you can print out and present to her. 

 She and I will chat first and discuss her needs and goals (at no charge). We will decide how to best use her time to meet these goals.  Some ideas include (but are not limited to):

Closet Edit:  We will meet via Facetime (or in person if she is local to me)  and go through items in her closet that she has questions about keeping or purging.  It's so helpful to have a second set of unbiased eyes.

Outfit Creation:  We will shop her closet together and create outfits and looks that fit with her lifestyle and taste, and take pictures that will be loaded into her own Virtual Closet for her reference.

On-line or In-Person (if local) Shopping:  Maybe she truly needs some new clothes. I will create a personalized Virtual Catalog of picks just for her that she can then shop for on her own time and at her own pace.  My picks will come from her favorite retailers and reflect her budget, body-type, and taste. Or, of course, we can also meet in person at her favorite retailer(s) (if she’s local to me) and shop in person!

"Beth makes getting dressed every day fun and easy!"

She has an easy formula that even I can follow. I love her style and her ability it to adapt it for all ages and body types. I also really appreciate her links for accessories and clothing. She does all of the work of culling through the overwhelming number of websites to find the very best clothing/ accessory choices at reasonable prices. Finally…I can just click and shop! AND so can my husband. For once, his gifts are right on the mark!!

- A.H., Downingtown, PA

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