Tips, Picks and Challenges

The Versatile, Lux Ruana
Peach just introduced a special new product and it's a winner  -- .both as a gift for just about any[...]
Outift Formula: Blush and Olive/ Camo
Not too long ago, the idea of camo pants would have been a Nay for me.  But since hitting 50,  I've grown[...]
A Case for the Chambray Shirt
Google "Fall Wardrobe Essentials"  and chances are the the Chambray Shirt will appear on most lists.  I have my own[...]
Easy Tips for Fall Transitional Dressing
In the fashion world, "Fall Transitional Dressing" is a buzz word, and you can find lots of blogs and articles[...]
My Peach Picks!
Ok...getting right to the point here (shocking, I know;)  Peach sales are few and far-between, and one is running right[...]
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Tips and Picks 2018
CLICK HERE to  find my complete catalog of curated picks from the NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE 2018 (check back often to[...]

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